(COMMUNE) 2007 Fall/Winter Collection Part 4

Looking back on the styles of dress often associated with motor culture of hot rods and choppers, the uniform often consists of staples such as Levi’s 501s, white tees and Chuck Taylors or Red Wings. Ironically, the idea of fashion and this theme of motor culture are not concepts that readily go hand in hand. Through the current trend in graphic intensive designs and poor construction, (COMMUNE) has developed a foundation for their collection based on detail and high quality craftsmanship. (COMMUNE) isn’t so much about revealing all the details, however further inspection will reveal much more and in the process creating some modern classics. A list of stockists can be seen here.

This concludes part 4 of 4 of our in-depth look at (COMMUNE) 2007 Fall/Winter Collection. The previous three parts can be seen through the links below.

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